THE mother of a boy brutally bashed by a pack of school kids will not let her daughter return to school out of fear she will be targeted next.

Karen Sharrad's teenage son was set upon by a group of students in Bremer State High School uniforms at a Flinders View park last week.

Video footage showed him being punched and knocked to the ground, where he was kicked and stomped while a trio of girls tried to shield him from the blows.

The 16-year-old boy was expelled from Bremer last year but his 13-year-old sister still attends the school and has not been back to classes since the alleged assault.

Ms Sharrad met with principal Kay Louwrens, who promised her that her daughter would safe.

But Ms Sharrad said she would not take the risk and will probably enrol her in another school.

She is calling for the students involved to be expelled and is frustrated with a lack of action so far after being informed by friends in the school community that only two of the boys have been suspended for 10 days.

"One of the girls that helped (her son during the attack) has been threatened to be bashed," she said.

"(The principal) will not tell me what's going on because they're not my kids."

Police said investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

The Department of Education will not comment on support or discipline measures for individual students.

Initial scans to assess injuries were unsuccessful as his face was too swollen but a return visit confirmed he had not suffered any broken bones.

But the teenager has since experienced blurry vision in one of his eyes according to his mum.

Residents reported on social media that six girls, including some in Bremer State High School uniforms, were involved in a fight on Wednesday afternoon near the Caltex service station opposite the school.