Mum took three kids 'shopping', stole $734 in clothes

A WOMAN who stole $734 worth of clothes from a North Ipswich store and tried to steal $199 of clothes from another store has been fined $500.

Jessica May Homewood, 33, of Cannonvale, pleaded guilty in Proserpine Magistrates Court to stealing and attempted stealing.

Prosecutor Chelsea Pearson told the court stole $734 worth of clothing from Best and Less at Riverlink Shopping Centre in North Ipswich on June 20.

The court heard Homewood was at the shop with her mother and three children when she put a box of clothing into her trolley and left without paying at 2.15pm.

Police later stopped Homewood in Kmart in the same shopping centre after she was seen there, Ms Pearson said.

The box of clothing from Best and Less was still in the trolley, as were $199 worth of items from Kmart in another box that Pearson told police at the time she "intended to pay for," Ms Pearson said.

The court was told Homewood, who works fruit picking in Bowen, had a history of dishonesty, with a stealing offence on her record in 2013.

Duty solicitor Cleo Rewald told the court Homewood was visiting her ill grandmother in Ipswich at the time of the offences.

She said her client was "remorseful and embarrassed" and that "her biggest disappointment was in herself" as she had wanted to apply to join the SES but would not be able to now.

"It is conceded it is a significant amount," Ms Rewald said of the value of the items stolen.

Magistrate James Morton could not fathom how Homewood had thought she could get away with the theft and attempted theft.

"You walk into these shops... there's cameras everywhere. You are not going to walk out with anything," he said.

"I've got no idea how you thought you were going to walk out of the store with $734 worth of stuff."

When Homewood tried to argue she had a "lapse of judgement", Mr Morton was not having a bar of it.

"This aint no lapse of judgement. You're a thief," he said.

Homewood was fined $500 in total for both charges.