Mum of 8 stole credit card to shop, withdrew $1000

A SINGLE mother of eight stole a friend's credit card to go on a "shopping spree" and then took it again a week later to withdraw $1000 in cash.

Natasha Joad Parsons, 38, of Goodna pleaded guilty in the Ipswich Magistrates Court to a flurry of fraud and stealing offences, evading a train fare and failing to appear in court.

It was in May 2017 when she committed most of the offences.

While staying with a friend in Gympie, Parsons stole his credit card and used it to buy goods around town including drinks, cigarettes and more.

She did so using pay-wave as she didn't know the pin to his account.

A week later the victim travelled to Ipswich to stay with Parsons, unaware she was responsible for the fraudulent spending.

One night while he was asleep she stole his card again and, now knowing his pin number, withdrew $800 at 1am and then another $200 a couple of hours later before the card was returned.

When the victim tried to use his credit card later that day, he realised it had reached its daily limit.

Prosecutor Constable Bernard Elmore said Parsons had a three page criminal history but "2017 was a bad year for the defendant."

Her other offences before the court included stealing a handbag left beside a pokie machine in Jupiters Casino and evading a train fare.

Defence lawyer Jason Voight said Parsons had been homeless for a period but had been in stable accommodation for the past six months, with all but her eldest children still in her care.

Mr Voight said her offending had dipped as she was not using drugs and her children acted as motivation to not offend.

Acting Magistrate Brian Kucks said it was "atrocious behaviour" against a friend and a "gross breach of trust".

Mr Kucks said her history of dishonest, including a long history of evading fares, was ripping off "law abiding Queenslanders."

"People who carry on like that don't deserve to be in society," he said.

While he said people who "leech" off society usually head to jail, he took in the defence's submissions that she was on a better path and had recently had her "head tucked in."

But she will not serve time as she Parsons was sentenced to a four-month sentence, wholly suspended for 12 months.

All convictions were recorded.