'Mum! Quick! And bring a pair of scissors for f**** sake!'

A GYMPIE man had to be rushed to hospital over the weekend when a fishing lure hidden in the folds of his work shirt sleeve accidentally hooked him through the nose and pinned his arm to his face.

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Daniel Iddles, 43, was carrying out sheet work at his mother's property near Gympie when he raised his arms above his head to hold something in place and the hidden lure went hard and fast up his nose.

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His mother said she was in the kitchen when she heard her son start swear loudly.

"I could hear all this swearing coming from the studio but I thought that was just him struggling with the job," mum Robin said.

"Then he yelled out 'Mum! Come here! And bring a pair of scissors for f**** sake!"

When she ran in there her son was holding his arm up in the air and across his face, the lure pinning his arm to his nose.

"I had to bring the scissors and manoeuvre my way through his shirt to cut it away from his nose. I cut the shirt away but he was left with this bit of high vis shirt attached to his nose. 

Daniel Iddles
Daniel Iddles

"He wanted to pull it out himself but I said don't be ridiculous, you have to go to hospital."

Robin drove her son into the busy Gympie Emergency Department.

"He walked through the door at Emergency and went up to the desk. The guy behind the desk was so trying to keep a straight face and I said 'don't worry about it - it's hilarious'.

"Every face in ED followed him - he had this bright big of material hanging off his nose."

In the end, hospital staff had to remove the lure they way it had gone in.

Mr Iddles is fine and lure free, though his nose is a bit swollen.

"If anyone didn't know me they'd just think I was a boxer," he said.

The keen fisherman knows to be a bit more careful next time about where he leaves his lures lying around.

Highly amused mum has nicknamed her lad "Fish Face".