Mum punches, kicks woman in servo temper tantrum

A MUM of eight exploded into a violent temper tantrum at an Ipswich service station, punching and kicking an innocent woman.

The ugly violence was revealed in an Ipswich court, as the 30-year-old pleaded guilty to more than 30 charges including stealing $2600 worth of poker machine tickets; unlawful use of a car; drug use; and failing to appear in court.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Tamara Hiko blamed her offending on her husband being deported to New Zealand, leaving her without an income to support their children.

Tamara Ismalia Hiko, 30, from Goodna, pleaded guilty to offences including three charges of driving when disqualified; three counts of drug possession; possession of restricted drugs; three counts of stealing; four counts of fraud; unlawful use of a stolen car; possession of tainted property; and unlawful assault of a woman on August 22 at Bellbird Park.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore said the sentencing schedule of facts for the crimes was 19 pages, and included 10 offences of dishonesty.

The court was told 27 of the 34 offences had been committed while a parole order was in place.

Sen-Const Elmore said Hiko now had 12 convictions for driving while disqualified on her history.

"She has shown a contemptuous disregard for court orders," he said.

Hiko's assault on another woman took place after Hiko drove into the service station the wrong way. The victim gestured for her to move the vehicle, prompting Hiko got out and strike her twice to the face and kick her in the head as she bent down to pick up her keys.

Defence lawyer Kelsea Read said Hiko's marriage broke down after her husband was deported in 2017.

She had developed a drug addiction which had influenced her offending.

"As a result of losing her husband, she faced a financial struggle to care for seven children. She now has eight children," she said.

"She had no income, and was unable to get Centrelink."

Acting Magistrate Rob Turra sentenced Hiko to 15 months' jail for driving when disqualified, ordering her off the road for another five years.

She was also sentenced to a concurrent term of 12 months' jail for the assault.

The jail terms were suspended for 12 months after she serves two months behind bars. On other offences, she will be released on parole on November 5. A previous suspended jail term was also partially activated.