Mum-of-three to represent Australia at Invictus Games

Lockyer Valley athlete, mum and former parachute rigger for the defence force Emma Murfet will represent Australia at the upcoming Invictus Games in May.

Ms Murfet lives in Prenzlau and is originally from Victoria and before joining the army was a very active person.

"I was recently in Adelaide as part of the swimming comp in preparation for the games," she said.

"I started doing gymnastics at the age of 2 and competed up until the age of 14 - which was 14 years ago.

"And from there I did surf lifesaving, and then did athletics with the University of Melbourne."


Emma Murfet will represent Australia in The Invictus Games
Emma Murfet will represent Australia in The Invictus Games

In 2011 Ms Murfet decided to join the army and began work as a parachute rigger.

"I started working as a parachute rigger in the army and most days we would be packing parachutes whether it be for cargo or personnel," she said.

"Sometimes we would need to test out the parachutes and jump with our parachutes to ensure parachutes."

Ms Murfet said that following the accident in 2012 she continued to work for defence until 2014 and was on lighter duties before being medically discharged.

"I was just short of being with the army for four years, during 2012 I had a parachute accident and sustained compression fractures to my spine after some time I was then deemed unfit for the defence force and was medically discharged."

For Ms Murfet dealing with the injury was hard but stepping into the unknown was even more difficult.

"It was quite difficult, to step into the unknown after being this active person," she said.

"I've had constant and ongoing rehab since then and I've gotten my pain under control in the past two years.

Ms Murfet found fulfilment in motherhood and said the job was in some ways comparable to working in the army.

"I became a mum shortly after being discharged and now I have three kids," she said.

"What's kind of similar is the regiment of it all, sticking to your times, getting a routine, making sure that my kids get to their things on time."

Ms Murfet discovered the Invictus Games in 2018 when it was held in Sydney.

"It was kind of the first time I had heard about it and at that point in time I was at a low point in my life with rehab," she said.

"I needed a goal to set, and I decided if I set this goal to join the Invictus Games It would motivate me, and it has."

Ms Murfet said she was proud to be part of Team Australia and was looking forward to competing in The Netherlands.

"Being selected for Team Australia is already a huge win for me. As long as I've put in 100 per cent in and am spent at the end of my events that's a win in itself."

Ms Murfet will be competing in athletics, power lifting, indoor rowing and swimming.

"So, in the Athletics events I'll be in 100m, 200m, 400m, long jump, shot put and discus and indoor rowing."

Ms Murfet says she feels a positive change in her life and purpose that wasn't there before.

"So, it has definitely given me a drive and a purpose to keep going and it's definitely been good for my mental health," she said.

The Invictus Games will be hosted by The Hague, The Netherlands from 9 - 16 May.