Carlito Raistrick, also known as Carl Desacola, leaves court with a woman. INSET: Carlito Raistrick.
Carlito Raistrick, also known as Carl Desacola, leaves court with a woman. INSET: Carlito Raistrick.

Mum of alleged victim faces man accused of touching girl

A corporate lawyer who denies touching an 11-year-old girl faced the alleged victim's parents in court on Thursday.

The girl's mother told Maroochydore District Court that her daughter was shaking while telling her Carlito Raistrick, 44, had touched her genitals during a camping trip in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Mr Raistrick, also known as Carl Desacola, on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to the indecent treatment of a child under 12 in 2017.

The jury on Wednesday heard pre recorded evidence from the girl and her friend, before her parents and a detective spoke before the court.

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Crown prosecutor Alex Stark said Mr Raistrick arrived at the site and invited the girl into his caravan, which he shared with his wife, when he allegedly began rubbing the girl's leg under a table.

Mr Raistrick, from Mount Ommaney, took the stand on Thursday saying it wouldn't be possible to touch the girl's leg from under the caravan table because of its height.

Defence barrister Douglas Wilson played a video of Mr Raistrick sitting in a similar caravan.

Mr Stark told the court the table was adjustable.

He said the girl was then playing with her friends during the camping trip when Mr Raistrick allegedly joined her in hiding behind a bush.

"And that's when he started to touch me, squeezing my breast and bum," the girl said during an interview, the court heard.

Carlito Raistrick.
Carlito Raistrick.

Mr Stark said the girl also told police that Mr Raistrick allegedly rubbed her vagina outside her clothing during the five-minute ordeal.

Mr Raistrick told the court he remembered later touching the girl's shoulder when they were hiding behind an embankment but once they were crouched down, he had to use both of his hands to balance on the ground.

The girl's mother told the court her daughter immediately returned to their tent and woke her up, stammering as she tried to explain that Mr Raistrick had allegedly touched her.

"She was out of breath, shaking, scared, very terrified- I could hear it in her voice," the mother said.

"I put her in bed with me, covered her to make her feel comfortable as a mother would do.

"I didn't go further into this because she wasn't in the right frame of mind but I did ask her the next day."

The mother said she was told the same story the following day but the family did not immediately leave the campground at Kenilworth.

Mr Raistrick told the court the girl didn't seem to be acting unusual on the second day of his camping trip.

"Like all the other kids, she was having a great time and she was enjoying herself …" he said.

Mr Raistrick also told the court that his now ex-wife had found out that he kissed another woman during the camping trip.

Mr Wilson argued photos and videos he tendered to the court of the campground and camping trip discredited the allegations against his client who has worked as a corporate lawyer in Brisbane for more than 20 years.

The court was adjourned on Thursday afternoon.

It is expected the jury will hear from Mr Raistrick's former wife on Friday.