CONSEQUENCES: Amber Watson inher hospital bed in Brisbane awaiting surgery
CONSEQUENCES: Amber Watson inher hospital bed in Brisbane awaiting surgery

Mum in hospital after being ‘forced off the road’

HEADLIGHTS travelling towards her at speed is the last sight Emu Park mum Amber Watson remembers before she was "forced off the road" and crashed on Thursday.

The 37-year-old is now in Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital awaiting surgery and to hear if police have found the other driver.

She was driving on Tanby Rd, towards Yeppoon, for a belated birthday dinner about 6.15pm when she got to the top of the rise near Hannah Rd and saw a ute on the wrong side of the road.

Her husband Chris Watson said her only decision was a head-on collision or to leave the road.

"She had nowhere else to go," Mr Watson said.

Her two young sons aged four and seven were in the back seat of the gold Toyota Rav4.

With the safety of children in the front of her mind, she dodged the head-on collision - her next challenge was to avoid a power pole and concrete culvert, which she did.

But hitting two dirt culverts alongside the road was unavoidable.

The ute was attempting to overtake three vehicles at the time of the incident, according to Mr Watson.

He said the incident shouldn't have happened.

"I examined the road the next day and where they have passed is double lines," Mr Watson said.

"It's an illegal pass because it's dangerous and it's resulted in a car accident."

The white utility, believed to be a white Toyota Hilux, drove away from the incident leaving witnesses to call an ambulance.

Paramedics arrived and took Mrs Watson to Capricorn Coast Hospital. She was assessed to be suffering acute muscle pain and was sent home for a referral CT scan the next day.

She returned Friday morning and was admitted to the Emergency Department with an unstable lumbar spine fracture and was prepared for transportation to Brisbane.

Mr Watson said after experiencing delay she was transferred about midnight on Friday.

She's been scheduled for surgery three times but with higher priority patients being admitted, four days later she's still waiting for surgery. She was expected to go into surgery again yesterday.

"It's a long road with not much sleep," Mr Watson said.

"She doesn't do well with staying in one spot and she's laid flat on her back for four days."

While Mrs Watson can walk at present, without surgery she will be paralysed.

"If she was to move or if they were to leave it alone the bones would sever her spinal cord," Mr Watson said.

He called on the driver to come forward to police.

"The same car was seen driving erratically passing cars earlier," he said.

Police have confirmed a white utility was seen overtaking vehicles before the crash.

They have urged witnesses to come forward with information as investigations continue.