Kylie Maree Herberts was caught dealing meth in exchange for perfume.
Kylie Maree Herberts was caught dealing meth in exchange for perfume.

Mum deals meth in exchange for bottle of perfume

A mum of young children has been sentenced for dealing methamphetamine in exchange for a bottle of perfume.

Police raided Kylie Maree Herberts's Buderim home at 5pm on March 21 last year.

Just under 1g of marijuana, small amounts of methamphetamine, clip seal bags, $850 in cash and a phone were found in her car.

"There was a series of text messages which disclosed an arrangement for her to supply a point of methamphetamine to another person in exchange for a bottle of perfume valued at $130," crown prosecutor Alex Stark told Maroochydore District Court.

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Herberts, 42, on Tuesday pleaded guilty to six charges including supplying a Schedule 1 dangerous drug.

Mr Stark said the mum's history conveyed habitual drug use and she had previously served time in jail for breaching a community service order.

Defence lawyer Patrick Meehan said his client relapsed into drug use after her partner died in 2017.

"So often with people addicted to drugs, they return to (drug) use when a stress point arrives in their life …" Mr Meehan said.

"When most of us battle through, addicts do not.

"They return to the comfort of addiction."

He said his client's drug dealing was opportunistic and helped support her family.

Judge Glen Cash accepted that submission.

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"Except the substance that is being traded among various people is a substance that kills people and ruins lives," Mr Cash said.

Mr Meehan said Herberts had sought professional help in order to rehabilitate.

She wrote a letter that was tendered to the court detailing the circumstances of her children and her battles.

"I always struggle with this Mr Meehan because she has these obligations to the children when she chose to use methamphetamine," Mr Cash said.

He gave Herberts a 12-month jail sentence with immediate parole.

"If you go to jail because you use drugs, it leaves your mother without a carer and your children without a parent," Mr Cash said.

"If you go and take drugs, you're going back to jail because you'll be in breach of your parole."