Lauren Maree Rosin carjacked an elderly woman who offered her a ride.
Lauren Maree Rosin carjacked an elderly woman who offered her a ride.

Mum carjacks, assaults 80yo woman after lift home

A mum has been released on parole after she assaulted and carjacked an 80-year-old woman who drove her home after she noticed her looking distressed.

Lauren Maree Rosin, 22, took advantage of a good Samaritan whose act of kindness left her bruised and battered.

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Crown prosecutor Will Slack told Maroochydore District Court the woman noticed Rosin looking distressed on April 14 and offered her a lift home.

The court heard Rosin had rear ended a car an hour earlier and had driven off without providing her details.

The elderly woman dropped her home and waited to make sure Rosin was safe.

"As she unlocked the car, the defendant came up behind her and ripped the keys from her hand," Mr Slack said.

"The defendant got into her car and the complainant grabbed at the defendant.

"In response the defendant pushed her back, causing her to stumble and fall to the ground."

The court heard Rosin then grabbed the victim's purse and drove off.

The victim suffered grazes to her hands and elbows, bruising, tenderness and a suspected twisted ankle.

"The defendant rear ended another car that was stopped at traffic lights," Mr Slack said.

Rosin drove off again without providing her details.

This caused $2100 of damage to the victim's car.

Rosin also stole $72 of petrol.

The court heard Rosin was arrested on April 16.

"Whilst in custody, she was aggressive and verbally abusive to police," Mr Slack said.

"She stated she had coronavirus and all police were going to die."

The court heard Rosin did not have coronavirus.

Rosin had limited criminal history.

She pleaded guilty on Thursday, to multiple charges including robbery with violence and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Defence barrister Laura Reece told the court Rosin had written a letter of apology to the victim.

"She continues to express shame and remorse for her actions," she said.

"She instructs that she was under the influence of ice at the time, that she had relapsed to using that drug after a long period of abstinence."

The court heard Rosin was a mother to a six-year-old son.

Rosin had been in custody since April 16.

Judge Michael Byrne said Rosin's behaviour towards the elderly woman was terrible.

"She did nothing to deserve that," he said.

Judge Byrne said it appeared Rosin seemed genuinely sorry for what she had done.

Rosin was sentenced to three years in jail, with an immediate release on parole.