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Mum called 'insensitive' for choice of baby name

A pregnant woman has been blasted as "insensitive" and "unreasonable" for wanting to name her baby "Lilia" when her best friend's daughter is called "Lillian".

A Mumsnet user is 39 weeks into her pregnancy and thinking of different monikers to give to her little one, but she fears her favourite title may "ruffle some feathers" because it is one letter short of the name her friend recently gave to her baby.

The post read: "I have a feeling I am being unreasonable but I just want to check. My friend recently had a baby girl and I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant.

"I hadn't decided my baby girl name to use but recently I love a particular name that happens to be very similar to hers (her daughter is Lillian and I like the name Lilia).

"Do you think it would be unreasonable for me to use this name? She picked first and it's not exactly a name I had my heart set on from the start so I worry it might ruffle some feathers."

The woman hopes she has a son to avoid any potential feuds.

She concluded: "Fingers crossed I have a boy and I won't have to worry!'

But the post received mixed reviews from fellow Mumsnetters, with some branding her a "weird stalker" and a "bit of a berk".

One commented: "Your friend doesn't own the name Lillian of course but won't you feel a bit of a berk when you tell her you've given your child basically the same name as her darling daughter? I know I would."

A second added: "I think they are too close, anyone that knows you both will probably think you are a weird stalker! If you weren't set on the name until recently I would change."

A third shared: "It would annoy me... I know people say you don't own names, but it's just a weird thing to do."

While others have given the woman their seal of approval, especially if she already had her heart set on the name.

A separate user wrote: "If you're good friends, I would just run it by her - but really I would hope she wouldn't mind."

Another shared: "Fine unless they will be in the same class, which is probably unlikely as you don't live close. I'd be upfront and tell her how you feel and see how she reacts."

"I think of Lilian and Lila as really quite different kinds of name. Lilian is old lady chic, Lilia is the Russian dancer who used to be on Strictly. So I Say it's fine," wrote another.

"I'd also say it was fine to use the same name. Unless you are very close family, it's really weird to me that people care about having children with the same name."

One more encouraged: "I think if you have your heart set on the name then you should just use it. Life's too short to be pandering and worrying what others will think."

This article was originally published by The Sun and has been republished here with permission.