FILE: A whale is tangled in nets off the Noosa coast. Photo Trevor Long
FILE: A whale is tangled in nets off the Noosa coast. Photo Trevor Long

Rescuers free whale calf caught in nets for an hour

UPDATE 10am:

A BABY whale has been freed from nets off the coast of Noosa after being stuck for one hour.

Noosa Coastguard received the distress call about 8.30am from a resident at Little Cove who could see the ordeal unfolding from their unit.

Radio officer Ollie Morozow said his team alerted government agencies and surf life savers.

"The resident was quite upset and we had to calm them down to get a clear story of what was happening," he said.

Mr Morozow said the coastguard headed out to the nets to keep tourists away while the authorities freed the whales.

"We alerted people to the fact that this was happening and asked them to keep away," he said.

"While it's whale season boats need to stay 100m away from whales and jet skis must stay 300m away."

About 9.45am the whales were freed by three rescuers who used a large cutting instrument to sever the net.

The whales appeared to be injury free as they swam away.


A RESCUE team is helping free whales caught in nets off the coast of Noosa Heads.

Aerial vision shows the a large whale and a baby whale tangled in a long line of net with jetskis and boats rushing to help cut it free.

It is unclear how long the whales has been stuck.

Crews rushed to the nets and are working to free the whales.