Much-loved Ipswich mall store going out with a bang

THE growing number of fans who want their music on vinyl will have to look a bit harder with Bad Habit Records closing down at the end of the month, but they won't go quietly.

Located in the Ipswich mall, the store has been a pure labour of love for Aaron and Michelle Borg who turned their passion for the format into a business.

The store is having two live events to say goodbye with two Saturday's of live music from 2pm.

The mall will be drowned in punk, hardcore, metal and hip hop for the next two Saturdays as the store will feature four bands: The Body, Terra Mater, Unbound and Powerful Owl, while on Australia the final day of trading will feature Darkhorse, The Inebrious Bastards and Nesessaary Vengence.

Aaron Borg is closing the doors to Bad Habits Records in the Ipswich mall at the end of January.
Aaron Borg is closing the doors to Bad Habits Records in the Ipswich mall at the end of January. Darren Hallesy

It will be a sad farewell to the much-loved store, but Aaron says that he has to prioritise, and with not only a plumbing business to run and two young daughters, he has no choice but to let the record store go.

"It all started when I would buy people's record collections and sell them at shows, or markets" Mr Borg said. "The shop next door asked me if I wanted to set up in their basement, then this shop came up for lease so I took it.

"I'm closing because I have a six-month-old and a three-and-a-half-year-old, plus with my business it's too much work to open the shop on weekends This was a hobby that got out of control.

"I might do another shop down the track, I'm not really sure. Lots of middle aged blokes were the core customers, they were the ones who came in a lot. Many young people would come in, and often they'd get on the PA and rap in the shop which was always fun, people appreciated the fact they were performing locally.

"I feel like Bad Habit was a bit of a hangout for many people, they'd buy a coffee nearby and just hang around, it was a real social hub."

For the final two weekends of trade the shop will certainly make some noise, and Aaron is looking forward to it.

"The bands that are coming include American, Sydney and local bands. Its heavy, punk kind of stuff and hip hop, quite a mix. We've had 20 shows in here over the last year. I remember one day two old ladies were passing and they started dancing in the mall to some death metal. Everyone's friendly at these events."

Aaron's favourite item is a seven-inch single by Ipswich band The Upsets, an Ipswich punk band from the 1970s'.

"It took me a long time to track that one down, but I finally got my hands on a copy," Aaron said. "They pressed it at a time when nobody cared about punk, and so many copies got lost at parties, it wasn't valued for 15 years or so."

"I'll miss the shop," he said.