Earle Haven Retirement
Earle Haven Retirement

MP’s fury at nursing home fiasco

THE sudden closure of a Gold Coast aged-care home shows a broom needs to be put through the sector, a furious Queensland MP says.

About 70 aged-care residents are in limbo after being moved to hospital and other aged-care homes when the Earle Haven RetirementVillage at Nerang stopped operating yesterday afternoon.

Police, paramedics and Queensland Health staff had to step in to find temporary places for the residents and move them.

Meaghan Scanlon says a broom needs to be put through the aged care sector. Picture: Jerad Williams
Meaghan Scanlon says a broom needs to be put through the aged care sector. Picture: Jerad Williams

State Labor MP Meaghan Scanlon, whose electorate takes in Nerang, says the situation is a disgrace.

"When these aged-care providers fail to deliver what they were supposed to deliver the burden gets shifted onto Queensland Health, and that is a problem in itself," she has told the ABC.

"This sector really needs to be cleaned up."

People Care, which owns the retirement village, has blamed the shutdown on a medical contracting company that took over the site's aged-care wing last year.

People Care owner Arthur Miller said a decision was made to terminate a contract held by HelpStreet following a staffing dispute.

He says HelpStreetwas given until August 9 to vacate the wing but they decided to leave earlier.

HelpStreet has alleged it didn't get written confirmation it would be paid for the final month of work, triggering Thursday's closure.

Mr Miller has denied that, saying People Care agreed to pay staff wages for the final month.

"Earle Haven Retirement has no debt, we have all the money for employees but there are a lot of things we have to take care of," Mr Miller told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union secretary Beth Mohle has called the closure gobsmacking.

She said it was a reflection of the "woefully inadequate" regulation in the aged-care system.

Queensland Health has urged the federal government to step in and find permanent new homes for the elderly residents.