Capricornia MP’s daughter faces court for bank fraud

FORMER ANZ Bank employee Jessica Daniels was caught out when she made an "unsophisticated" transaction of $8150 into her husband's bank account in November last year.

Daniels yesterday pleaded guilty in the Yeppoon Magistrates Court to a fraud-related charge.

Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll said Daniels' transaction was "unsophisticated" because it was recorded on CCTV cameras and was traceable.

He said she breached the trust of her former employer by making the fraudulent transaction.

"This involved a network of bank accounts, which was a web of deceit," Mr O'Driscoll said.

Her defence solicitor Cam Schroder said his client had not touched the money that was transferred. It was still sitting in the account.

The matter was adjourned for 10 minutes to allow Daniels to pay back the money.

However Mr O'Driscoll believed monetary restitution wasn't enough for the former employee, who on her Facebook page says she was a senior personal banker.

She was sentenced to two years probation. No conviction was recorded because Daniels did not have a criminal history, and one would affect plans to travel overseas.

Last year Daniels, who is the daughter of Federal MP Michelle Landry, claimed coal mining union CFMEU had been bullying and harassing her during her time living at Blackwater.

Ms Landry also said she was the subject of bullying; however, she did not make a complaint to the police or the union.

CFMEU district president Stephen Smyth yesterday said he wanted Ms Landry to apologise for the allegations, which the union flatly denied.

"Ms Landry should be called on to apologise to the union members and families in Blackwater for her allegations, which have affected many," he said.