A map of the final Ipswich City Council councillor divisional boundaries.
A map of the final Ipswich City Council councillor divisional boundaries. Contributed

MP raises doubt over new divisional boundaries

BLAIR MP Shayne Neumann has raised the question of whether eight councillors will be enough to service the needs of Ipswich residents adequately and appropriately.

"We've gone from a situation where we went back to 10 councillors and now we're going to go back to eight," he said.

"In circumstances where Ipswich's population is booming, in those circumstances with four big divisions across Ipswich and only eight councillors, one wonders whether they will be able to service the needs of the people adequately and appropriately with only eight councillors."

Mr Neumann said the size of the new divisions are equivalent to state seats, making it difficult to campaign adequately with the limited resources the councillors have.

"I've always been in favour of single divisions, personally. Where people knew where the local councillor was, where the divisional office was, who was responsible from local council and local government for that particular area," he said.

"It's done and dusted now, so we're going to have to deal with this issue."

The Federal MP said the successful candidates would need to ensure the regional and rural areas of Ipswich won't be left behind.

In the Local Government Change Commission's report it states the "Commission modelled scenarios where the rural suburbs were held together in one division, however noted that to meet the enrolment quota, it was still necessary to include some urban area."

"The Change Commission is of the view that having rural areas in two divisions and represented by half of the Council, will give these areas a greater chance at being heard.

"It is noted however, that regardless of the boundaries, it will be the task of the elected councillors to provide adequate representation to their constituents."