Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard.
Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard.

MP positive about city’s future with new mayor

IPSWICH MP Jennifer Howard is confident residents have chosen the right person for the job to lead the city forward, away from the mistakes of the past.

Teresa Harding became the first female mayor of Ipswich in its 160 year history, and the first Ipswich mayor in more than 50 years not to be linked to the Labor Party.

The LNP member has a difficult job ahead of her to lead the city out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Howard launched an extraordinary attack on sacked councillor Paul Tully in parliament earlier last month in the lead up to the election.

She urged voters to select a "fresh, new start" and not vote for former councillors dismissed by the State Government in 2018.

Mr Tully, a veteran of local politics of 40 years before he was sacked with his colleagues, looks all but certain to win a Division 2 seat.

Sheila Ireland is also on track to claim a Division 1 seat.

Ms Howard said she was positive about Ms Harding's victory.

"I'm really excited about it," she said.

"I know we'll be able to work together. I think she's very much up to the task during this challenging time."

Ms Howard said she had been encouraged by the way Ipswich residents had responded to the coronavirus crisis so far.

Her office had been inundated with calls by anxious constituents but she believed people were starting to get the message, with announcements from the State and Federal Governments providing comfort.

"What we're seeing now is a lot of support from the community in helping those vulnerable people," she said.

"There's so much uncertainty but what's important is we keep abiding by those restrictions and think about others.

"There's always somebody that's struggling more than we are."