Butch calls out O'Dowd: 'He doesn't give a rat's arse'

MEMBER for Gladstone Glenn Butcher made sure there was no doubt surrounding his stance on the importance of the upcoming postal vote for same-sex marriage, even calling out fellow politician Ken O'Dowd in the process.

Since the Coalition announced the postal vote would take place before November, Mr Butcher has done anything but tiptoe around the matter.

Calling out to the community on his Facebook page, the member for Gladstone posted a timeline graphic titled This is how the Palaszczuk Government gets equality done.


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The post read: "The Palaszczuk Labor (minority) Government has got on with legislating equal rights without excuses in Queensland. The Turnbull LNP (majority) Federal Government should do the same and stop putting up barriers to equal rights for our LGBTI community."

Publicly expressing his support further, Mr Butcher addressed people at his campaign launch at the Gladstone Cup on Saturday, making sure they were enrolled for the marriage equality vote.

"I need you to spread the word to make sure that everyone you know is on the electoral commission. We want to make sure that we vote in marriage equality for everyone in Australia," he said.

"We will get this sorted and stop people like Ken O'Dowd, who doesn't give a rat's arse about people who love each other and just want to be together and be married. So get onto it and make sure it happens."

In response to the politician's comments, Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd told The Observer he wanted the people of Australia to have their say.

"Give people a chance to vote yes or no, and then it'll go to parliament and the 150 members will have their say," Mr O'Dowd said.

"I will go along with what my electorate told me ... it's obviously a big, important issue and it's a fundamental change to things that have been a specific way for hundreds of years."

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"Some are very against it (same-sex marriage), some are very for it ... The surveys I've taken say I'm not in favour of the act."

But Mr O'Dowd said he "will abide by their (the electorate's) wishes."