Dawson MP George Christensen and Mackay MP Julieanne Gilbert
Dawson MP George Christensen and Mackay MP Julieanne Gilbert

MP accuses Christensen of encouraging ‘nasty’ troll attack

Mackay MP Julieanne Gilbert claims she has been subjected to "nasty" online trolling under encouragment from Dawson MP George Christensen.

Mrs Gilbert criticised Mr Christensen on her official Facebook page on Wednesday after he publicly threw his support behind controversial MP Craig Kelly, who has made disputed claims about COVID-19 treatments.

The Dawson MP has responded saying he does not condone personal attacks against anyone and has called on Mrs Gilbert to "bury the hatchet".

"I am asking Mrs Gilbert to bury the hatchet and work with me on the local issues I have been championing for the people of the region," Mr Christensen said.

Overnight Wednesday, Mrs Gilbert said she had received "hundreds of comments from online trolls after George Christensen again publicly called on them to attack my page".

On Wednesday night, the Dawson MP shared a link to Mrs Gilbert's Facebook page, saying "here's the link to her post which you can comment on".

"She's asked if you think it's right that I'm supporting this free speech platform (gab.com)," another post read.

"Go tell this Labor stooge what you think."

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The Mackay MP said the comments came from "Christensen's trolls", describing them as "nasty and vitriolic".

"Some go so far as to say I should be 'exterminated'," Mrs Gilbert said.

"Even more concerning are the trolls attacking Mackay people...'.

" … But if he thinks this is going to intimidate me he is very wrong - I'll continue to call him out until he starts representing the people of Dawson, which is what he is paid to do."

Mr Christensen said he had been focused on getting solutions for the insurance crisis in North Queensland, reclaiming Keswick Island, getting continued support for tourism workers and businesses, and getting funding for Urannah Dam.

"I have said before, I do not condone personal attacks on anyone, including Mrs Gilbert, but I also note that the vast bulk of recent comments on her page are not personal attacks but political criticisms," he said.

"On Mrs Gilbert's Facebook page I have seen the typical name-calling insults against me, comments about my appearance, my intelligence, my personal life, comments falsely suggesting I'm a criminal, and I have even seen comments about my wife.

"Such personal attacks have happened several times and I haven't complained. I'm not complaining now. That's politics. You just got to roll with it.

"However, I am now asking Mrs Gilbert to bury the hatchet, as I'd openly welcome her support on the local issues I have just mentioned."


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