TOOWOOMBA'S Alyssa Azar has spoken about hearing a weird noise moments before a deadly avalanche struck her tent at Base Camp, Mt Everest.

"I was half awake and then the shaking started," she said.

"At first I didn't really process what it was.

"I looked out of the back of my tent because I could hear this weird noise.

"I could see the avalanche coming towards our camp, basically it was completely white, you couldn't see anything.

"I quickly zipped up my tent and I tried to hold it up as best I could, at least part of it so I would have enough air in case it did bury me.

"But it only buried half the tent so I did have enough air and a way to get out."

Alyssa  said she went into "auto-pilot" when the avalanche struck.

Alyssa Azar will arrive in Toowoomba tomorrow morning.
Alyssa Azar is determined to climb Mt Everest again. Contributed


"There was nowhere else to go, you can't run so I just had to be smart and try to figure out how to stay safe."

As soon as it was over she jumped out to check on her fellow climbers.

Alyssa  said it was a traumatic experience for other mountaineers at the camp, some of who were outside when it happened.

Alyssa said she wanted to return despite the disaster,

"There's a lot to consider and I'll decide that later on," she said.

"I definitely want to go back to Everest.

"It's not something that has deterred me from the mountain at all, but yeah, there's a lot of things to figure out, which side to climb on, logistics, all that sort of stuff."

If not for a stroke of luck, Ms Azar could have been further up the mountain in a more exposed and dangerous area when the avalanche struck.