Motorsport fans spoiled for choice in Ipswich this weekend

IT LOOKS like it is time for me to get the trusty old coin out again to help me decide where to go this weekend.

Or maybe I can just forget the coin and attend two great events in the one day - that sounds like a pretty great way to spend a Saturday to me.

What am I talking about you ask?

Tomorrow Willowbank Raceway hosts the second to last round of its 2015 Queensland Drag Racing Championships.

Next door at Queensland Raceway, it is all about drifting with the Spring Matsuri event hitting the track for its first of two big days.

I hear that more than 100 racers are going to be taking to the Willowbank quarter-mile on Saturday, and that many of the championship battles are far from decided with just one round remaining after this weekend's big event.

Every one of the QDRC brackets will be taking part in this event, so it is going to be a big day and night of racing that is for sure.

Between the QDRC and two days of Spring Matsuri, I am going to have to pace myself, because missing either is just not an option for me.

I imagine many of my fellow enthusiasts will feel the same.

It is going to be yet another big weekend of high-octane action.

Last weekend didn't disappoint, with the 'street' monsters of the APSA Pro Street Shootout impressing at the Willowbank Raceway drag strip.

They included Dom Luppino, who officially became Australia's fastest radial racer in his new '67 Fastback Mustang.

Luppino wasn't the only one turning heads on the quarter-mile last Saturday either, with Pro Street Bike racer Blair Pennington becoming Australia's quickest and fastest normally- aspirated 'no bar' bike racer on a street tyre.

This guy is on a run lately.

When I chatted to him post event, he told me that the last time he headed out to the track he won the final there too.

He also set personal best elapsed times and speed markers - so make sure you keep an eye on him.

The Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club also put on a good show at the weekend with 61 karters giving it their all amongst a really great atmosphere.

I was especially happy to see a new rookie racer by the name of Dom Reynolds getting in amongst it with some more experienced racers and after chasing all night finally catching them.

Those young racers are a real inspiration and they should all be very proud of themselves.



  • Today: QR Moto Ride Day - Queensland Raceway
  • Tonight: Test n Tune - Willowbank Raceway
  • Tomorrow: Queensland Drag Racing Championships - Willowbank Raceway
  • Tomorrow and Sunday: Spring Matsuri - Queensland Raceway
  • October 14: Test n Tune - Willowbank Raceway
  • October 14: Ipswich Mid Week Sprints Round 5 - Queensland Raceway
  • October 17: Ipswich Classic - Queensland Raceway
  • October 17: Night Test and Tune - Ipswich City Dirt Kart Track