Motorcyclist’s Elmo stunt stuns motorists


SOME thought he was on his way to Sesame Street.

Others said he'd just come from an appearance at his son's school for Book Week.

But when a motorcyclist dressed as Elmo drove through Redbank Plains this week, he turned every head, and local woman Madii didn't miss the chance to film him.

"I was walking up the street and all I could see was this red thing on a bike," she said.

"Everyone was laughing."

Andy Parsons was the motorcyclist under the red fur, and confirmed he'd just made an appearance at his son Theo's kindy for Book Week.

"He's 18 months old and he loves motorbikes. They had a Book Week parade and I took the day off work and went in to be a part of it all," he said.

Redbank Plains dad Andy Parsons dressed as Elmo.
Redbank Plains dad Andy Parsons dressed as Elmo.

That was Mr Parson's first outing in the full-sized customised mascot costume, but there's a good chance it won't be the last time he takes to the streets as a colourful character.

"We have some more costumes we're currently making. We're halfway through making a Minion and we just got a hold of a Pikachu outfit as well," he said.

"I've got a fully ADR approved helmet mounted inside that head and my vision is exactly the same as if I was wearing a normal helmet."

Andy without the Elmo head and his son Theo.
Andy without the Elmo head and his son Theo.

While he rode his yellow Honda Grom to the kindy this week, he also owns a Ducati superbike - but Elmo won't ever get the chance to take to the streets on that.

"It can go from 0 to 100km in two seconds so no way. I'd just about slip off it if I was dressed as Elmo," he said.

"The whole reason I do it on that bike is because you get pretty bad wind drag. I'm not going fast and why would you want to when you're dressed up with that."

Mr Parsons has taken part in Christmas toy runs at Ipswich for kids dressed as Mickey Mouse, and also participates in charity rides with the group Two Wheels One Family.

After motoring down Redbank Plains Rd this week, he turned even more heads when he stopped in at Orion at Springfield Central.

"There was one parent who had her kids in the car and she put down her window. I went up beside her car just so the kids could see me and she said (later on Facebook) that they thought that was the real Elmo and they wouldn't stop talking about it," he said.

"I just do it for the smiles. If I can make a child smile, or if someone's upset and they're down and they see me and laugh, then that's what I want to achieve."

Andy and son Theo both dressed up for Book Week.
Andy and son Theo both dressed up for Book Week.