Lone motorbike rider
Lone motorbike rider

Motorcyclist caught with ‘staggering’ amount of drugs

A YOUNG motorcyclist who was pulled over by police because of his erratic driving on Friday night was found with a backpack containing 8.3kg of the drug ice, a court has heard.

American-born Dori Nadri, 20, of Narangba, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday charged with possession of a dangerous drug exceeding the schedule four quantity.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of 25 years' imprisonment.

Police prosecutor Senior-Sergeant Mark Gorton said police saw the motorcycle take off in Brisbane city and swerve in-and-out of traffic, before cutting in front of their unmarked police car.

Police will allege arresting officers who searched Nadri's backpack, after he was intercepted in Wharf St, Spring Hill, around 11pm, found nine packages containing methylamphetamine.

"It was a staggering 8.3kg of ice. That is a lot of ice,'' Sen-Sgt Gorton said, as he opposed bail.

Magistrate Stephen Courtney said he was concerned that Nadri could fail to appear in court if granted bail, because he was a 20-year-old found with "a lot of drugs''.

He said Nadri, who had not bought the drugs himself, had "a significant incentive to disappear''.

Mr Courtney said police did not know the origin of the drugs or who owned them.

Nadri had connections with NSW and he had United States and Israeli passports and Mr Courtney said it was not known if there were overseas connections to the drugs.

Defence solicitor Rebecca Mann said Nadri had been in Australia for eight years and had been in Queensland since July, working in IT until he was made redundant in November.

Ms Mann said Nadri had co-operated with police by consenting to a search of his backpack and providing his mobile phone and he was prepared to surrender his passports.

"I'm wrestling with how a person who has just turned 20, with no criminal history, is with so much drugs,'' Mr Courtney said.

The magistrate remanded Nadri in custody, adjourning the bail application until next Wednesday, so that police could try to obtain more information about the origin of the drugs.

Mr Courtney said because of Nadri's "unusual situation'' he also wanted more details about what brought him to Queensland, his NSW connections and the whereabouts of his parents.

He also wanted to know how Nadri managed financially without a job.

Mr Courtney said if he had made a decision that day he probably would have refused bail.