Gavin Williamson
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Motorcycle crash claimed his leg, but not vow to daughter

WHETHER it be in a wheelchair or via an iPad, Gavin Williamson will give his only daughter Sandy Williamson away at her wedding.

Gavin was taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital last week, after losing his leg in a horrific motorcycle accident on Gladstone Rd in Rockhampton.

The 55-year-old will undergo surgery on his arm today and is scheduled for a hip replacement next week, the beginnings of a long road to recovery.

Sandy said it could be up to a month before her dad returned home.

Sandy Williamson
Sandy Williamson Contributed

With her wedding set to take place in Rosslyn Bay on December 8, she said this meant he might not be able to make it in person.

"I think it was the shock that maybe he wasn't going to be there that hit me first," she said.

"My first reaction was to cancel."

But Sandy and her fiancé, Steven Charles, came up with a solution.

"When we thought he might not be able to come the only thing we could think of was for me to carry my iPad or a video phone down the aisle with me," she said.

Sandy said it would mean a lot to her to have her father there, in whatever way, shape or form.

"The main thing is he still gives us his blessing," she said.

"I'm his only daughter, so he only gets to give a daughter away once.

"He really wants to come... he told me the other day plain and simple he will be there."

Sandy thanked her family, Steven's family and his work for being so supportive during this difficult time.

Gavin's sister Carol Stock also thanked the emergency services and hospital staff in both Brisbane and Rockhampton.