Motivation fades as injury and being dropped take their toll

EVEN if Josh Roberts is able to overcome his current sporting setbacks, he does not know if he wants to continue.

Being dropped by the Brisbane Bandits has deflated him to the point that he doubts if it is worth continuing giving his all.

"My attitude has probably changed towards sport in general," Roberts said.

"I put everything into baseball.

"Then to have it whipped form under your feet."

For many years Roberts has focused on his baseball at the expense of a serious crack at playing rugby league at a higher level than the Ipswich Rugby League.

Playing baseball meant he could not commit to pre-season training with the Ipswich Jets.

Roberts turned out for the Jets reserve grade side for a game in 2011 and impressed first grade co-coach Ben Walker.

But any thoughts Roberts could now commit himself solely to league have been dashed by his shoulder injury, sustained in the qualifying semi-final against Brothers in August last year.

"It's nerve damage, so the muscles don't work," Roberts said.

"It will be touch and go by the start of the season.

"It's more likely I'll be ready midway through the season."

Even if fully fit, Roberts doesn't know if he has the motivation any more to make the necessary sacrifices to succeed.

"I don't know if I have the desire to work that hard," he said.