A pedophile married a woman to get access to her son.
A pedophile married a woman to get access to her son. Contributed

MOTHER'S HORROR: 'I gave him control of my son'

A WOMAN thought she had found the man of her dreams, but instead married a pedophilic monster who would go on to repeatedly rape her son for five years.

The pair met in 2004, were engaged within 12 months and married by 2006.

During a police interview following his arrest in 2017, he would tell officers he started a relationship with her to access her son.

In a letter to the Maroochydore District Court, the woman described seeing their lives together as happy into their retirement.

It was in that same court the man pleaded guilty to 47 offences including 17 counts of rape and 24 counts of indecent treatment of a child against four boys between 1998 and 2011.

The man - who legally can't be named to protect the identity of his victims - was sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment and will serve 80 per cent - less the 605 days he'd already served - before he is eligible to apply for parole.

Despite knowing of his past offences which involved child pornography and indecent treatment of a child, the woman didn't think he would do it again.

"I lived in a marriage of lies and deceit," she wrote.

"I trusted this man I loved. I trusted he would never hurt me or my son.

"I gave myself to this man who took control of my life and in doing so gave him control of my son."

His friends and family gave her reassurance he was a "good person" and told her they trusted and believed in him too.

After pushing through his stranglehold, she said her son was a "good human being because (he'd) chosen to be", but their relationship was strained.

Her now adult son, who she said used to take pride in his appearance, now lives a life marred by depression and withdrawal.

"He does not dress well because he doesn't want to appear attractive to anyone," she said.

"He will not shave his face because he doesn't want to look young."

The man also duped the parents of another two boys he abused, who described feeling "shattered" when learning of the "despicable crime".

He met the brothers through a Sunshine Coast sporting club and went on to abuse them for a period of years.

"All we ever did was support him, be kind and help him through his issues," the mother wrote in a letter to the court.

"Little did we realise what he was trying to do."

She said he "manipulated" her thoughts and "always managed to have an answer to a question that made it all sound okay".

"I have seen, witnessed and watched the destruction my boys have done to themselves and the load of pain they have carried for so long," she said.

"Our boys, now grown men, we are pleased to say have managed to rise above this or at least that is what they are having us believe.

"Deep, deep down I know that this will linger on for a long time."