Police are patrolling the roads.
Police are patrolling the roads. Alistair Brightman

Mother on school pickup lucky to miss drink driving charge

A MOTHER on the school pickup run missed out on a drink driving charge by a whisker during Road Safety Week on Friday afternoon.

Sergeant Alan Baker from Wallangarra police said 158 static and mobile breath tests were taken for Road Safety Week.

"The woman was pulled up during the week and first registered .068 and then a few minutes later was recorded at .048, just under the limit," he said.

"Motorists are reminded they just can't have two drinks and drive to pick up the kids."

She was driving from Tenterfield to pick up a child at the Wallangarra State School when she was tested in the town of Wallangarra.

"Her experience is a great lesson that a couple of drinks can put a motorist over the limit," he said.

None of more than 150 motorists tested for drink driving during Road Safety Week were over the limit.

During Road Safety Week, police at Wallangarra did a number of heavy vehicle intercepts and log book inspections and were constantly doing speed checks.

"We issued fines to 12 motorists for speeding in six days with many in the town of Wallangarra and the village of Ballandean," he said.

"I am disappointed motorists are disregarding the 60km/h speed limit through Wallangarra and the 80km/h speed limit through Ballandean."