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The Festival of 4 Walls has kicked off in Ipswich.
The Festival of 4 Walls has kicked off in Ipswich.

The most fun you can have without leaving home

IT'S the most fun you can have without leaving your house and it's happening now.

The Festival of 4 Walls has kicked off in Ipswich.

It's all online, allowing audiences to experience, from the safety and comfort of their own home, elements of festivals and events that would have been if not for COVID-19.

Digital technology including augmented reality, live streams, pre-recorded videos and web content are being used to deliver an exciting line-up right into people's lounge rooms.

Festival attractions will be rolled out in the coming weeks via the Ipswich Festivals Facebook page.

Events already locked in include:

Bagpipes in your lounge room

You may need to warn the neighbours when a virtual piper visits lounge rooms in honour of The Gathering (Celtic) festival. There will also be Haggis inspired recipes and a unique collaboration between local artist Wide Eyed Wonder and the City of Ipswich Pipe Band.

Wild Eyed Wonder.
Wild Eyed Wonder.

Live streamed shows

Ipswich musicians will take centre stage when community music venue Studio 188's popular Live! at the Baptist becomes Live Streamed! at the Baptist.

Livestreamed at the Baptist: Annie and the Helm
Livestreamed at the Baptist: Annie and the Helm

Pavement Art

Local artists and the community will be encouraged to get their chalk out and participate in Pavement Art's Alive to brighten up the region as a warm up to Brisbane Street Art Festival that has been rescheduled to later in the year.

A look at a great house of Ipswich

In honour of Great Houses of Ipswich, the doors to one of the region's most majestic homes will be swung open virtually for a unique tour.

Backyard fun with the Broncos

Brisbane Broncos captain Alex Glenn will put Ipswich kids through their paces encouraging them to get active in their backyard. Kids will also enjoy virtual storytime and cooking sessions.

Drag racing indoors

Campo from River 94.9 will bring his version of the Winternationals when he gives drag racing a go out at Willowbank...and we're still waiting to see if Campo can drag fellow host Marnie along to take part.

A focus on food

Any festival worth its salt needs good food and the Festival of 4 Walls is no different. Ipswich's very own Ungermann Brothers will teach festival goers how to put a spin on vanilla ice cream.

Mayor Teresa Harding said the Festival of 4 Walls was a great way for the community to have fun while maintaining social distancing and adhering to COVID-19 restrictions still in place.

"The beauty of this festival is that anyone with a smartphone or tablet device will be able to take part and it is all happening right in the safety and comfort of your own home," she said.

Festival of 4 Walls is part of Ipswich City Council's Ipswich Together initiative which was launched to help our community as it responds to and recovers from COVID-19.

For more about Festival of 4 Walls events follow Ipswich Festivals on Facebook or visit