Zachary Elliott Patfull threw pasta sauce, wine and milk over the walls in his girlfriend's house.
Zachary Elliott Patfull threw pasta sauce, wine and milk over the walls in his girlfriend's house.

’Mortified’: Angry boyfriend throws wine, milk through unit

Red wine, milk and sauce decorated the walls of a Coast home after a drunk man crawled through his girlfriend's window and went to town, a court has heard.

Zachary Elliott Patfull, 33, was on Monday sentenced to probation for his drunken behaviour at the Nambour home on October 1.

Police prosecutor Lee Allan said Patfull, from Tewantin, had ripped a security screen off the window of the home to gain entry about 10pm.

"Once in the unit, the defendant has thrown milk, red wine and Bolognese sauce over the walls and drapes and strewn rubbish throughout the unit," Senior Constable Allan said.

Patfull then smashed a television and ripped the door off a front-loader washing machine.

Police were called to the home.

Sen Constable Allan said the total cost of the damage was unknown.

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Patfull on Monday pleaded guilty to wilful damage.

Duty lawyer Matt Cooper said Patfull was drunk on bourbon and doesn't recall much of the incident.

He said the behaviour was out of character despite Patfull having a previous wilful damage offence on his criminal history.

"He tells me he doesn't know why he got so angry," Mr Cooper said.

"He's seeing a psychologist in Nambour to try and work out why he was at that point."

Mr Cooper said Patfull, a stone mason, had transferred the woman $500, fixed the washing machine and bought a new television.

"He is mortified of what he has done," Mr Cooper said.

He said Patfull was expecting a child with the woman.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said Patfull was lucky he wasn't charged with burglary for "smashing" his way into the home.

"It seems you had a complete temper tantrum meltdown and you not only smashed your way into the house but proceeded to damage the television, washing machine, walls and curtains," he said.

Patfull was placed on probation for one year.

A conviction was recorded.