Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. LUKAS COCH

Morrison: cashless card best welfare for disadvantaged

THE Prime Minister justifies the cashless debit card by saying the welfare system without it is limiting disadvantaged communities such as Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

Scott Morrison said that motivating people to transition from welfare to work was the best support that the Australian government could provide.

He said that in the communities that have the cashless card, 41 per cent of participants were drinking less, 48 per cent decreased drug use, and 48 per cent gambled less.

"We went to those communities and said, 'we want to partner with you in terms of how we deliver welfare support in your communities'.

"It wasn't just in indigenous communities, it was in all communities where there was disadvantage," Mr Morrison said.

"We are on the side of communities that want to change their communities for the better and to not have a welfare system that holds them back, but a welfare system that lifts them up, strengthens their communities and enables them to get more and more of their people into jobs.

"Under this government we're running a welfare system which is a hand up, not out, one that understands that the best form of welfare is a job."

Mr Morrison was answering a question made by Hinkler Federal MP Keith Pitt in parliament on Wednesday.

Mr Pitt asked "will the Prime Minister inform the House how the Morrison government is on the side of Australians who want to get off welfare and into work and create stronger communities?"

The Prime Minister said; "if you want to get people off welfare and into work, you have to make sure your welfare system is supporting people to get into work.

"Our government has seen that, in four years, 230,000 people are now no longer dependent on income support welfare payments from the government. I'll tell you why, it's because they have jobs."