A series of showers and storms have bought good rainfall to the region overnight, with Toowoomba receiving close to 10mm in a couple of hours according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Oakey similarly received more than 14mm during the 3am shower, which also passed through Wellcamp, filling rain gauges.

There is a medium chance of rain on the horizon for Tuesday, with BOM also predicting thunderstorms, possibly severe in nature, in the afternoon and evening.

On Wednesday, there is an 70 per cent chance of rain in the Garden City, with 8mm to 20mm expected.

“We do have a trough that lies within the region at the moment and there’s reasonably high moisture too which means there’s a chance of storms most days this week,” BOM meteorologist James Thompson said.

“The trough that’s causing these storms isn’t moving too much over the next few days, so we’ll see storms in the same areas.”

Originally published as Morning downpour fills rain gauges, more on horizon