ASADA: 52 cases advanced to full investiagtions in a year

MORE than 50 individual cases of sports doping were investigated by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority last financial year.

The year was a huge one for doping in sport investigations, with ASADA's annual report confirming 52 such cases advanced to a full investigation in 2012-13.

Release of the annual report follows the explosive revelations in February of a sprawling Australian Crime Commission investigation into drugs in Australian sport.

ASADA chief executive Aurora Andruska wrote in the report that the integrity of Australian sport had come "under serious threat" during the year.

"The clear takeaway message from the ACC's findings was the existence of vulnerabilities across the sports system and these vulnerabilities could be exploited if the sporting community as a whole did not take action," she wrote.

Ms Andruska wrote the fallout from the ACC revelations had sparked a "complex and wide-ranging" ASADA investigation, which included reviewing more than 50,000 documents and interviewing 150 athletes and support people.

"The investigation and its associated enforcement activities will continue into the 013-14 financial year," she wrote.

Revelations surrounding Lance Armstrong and other cyclists' drug use also prompted investigations during the year in Australia, which the report said "remains ongoing".