Jess Johnston with daughters Isla, 2 and Beth, 4 would welcome more shade.
Jess Johnston with daughters Isla, 2 and Beth, 4 would welcome more shade. Cordell Richardson

More shade at Orion lagoon listed as council priority

SHADE at the Orion Lagoon is on the Ipswich City Council's agenda but it might be some years before more is added.

Recently a concerned grandmother highlighted a need for more shade sails, contacting the council and urging other mums to make contact.

Wendy Norman took her grandson to the lagoon last week and said shade over the water was lacking.

She doesn't want the entire lagoon covered, just a small area for the kids.

"Melanoma kills more people in Australia than any other cancer,” Ms Norman said.

"So anyone who would like some shade at the lagoon over the water please ring the council and ask.”

Other mums that visit the lagoon regularly agree more could be done to shade the area.

"I think it needs a lot more shade, especially in the big pool,” Julie Grey said.

"It's just really hot walking on the ground. More shade is always good,” Jess Johnston said.

An Ipswich City Council spokesman said shade at the lagoon was listed as a priority.

"Additional shade at Orion Lagoon, Springfield Central, is currently listed as one of many priorities of the Strategic Parks capital program, but it is will not be funded in the 18/19 financial year and unlikely in 19/20,” the spokesperson said.

"Council recognises the importance of sun safety, however this needs to be balanced with other competing priorities for funding.”