More dam releases to allow for lake maintenance

SEQWATER has increased the rate of releases from Somerset Dam in order to lower the lake to the level required for maintenance work.

A sluice gate has been opened, however the percentage of water being released hasn't changed.

Cone valve releases may be used if required.

Low-flow releases from Wivenhoe Dam, which will continue to be made from a cone valve and underwater hydrogenerator, will increase slightly to maintain release volumes.

Seqwater said downstream bridges and crossings would remain unaffected.

If fine weather continues, it was expected that the lakes would reach their new temporary full supply levels of 80% for Somerset and 90% for Wivenhoe by February 15.

This will depend on rainfall, inflows to the dams and water evaporation.

The releases are being made following the latest assessment of Somerset Dam, which indicated improvement works may be required earlier than previously planned to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained.