Monument to Butchulla lives lost sorely needed

FROM the historic homes of Maryborough to the graves of the founding fathers and Pioneers Grove, the message is clear.

The lives of white settlers of Maryborough mattered.

As Butchulla elder Glen Miller throws his support behind the Black Lives Matter movement today, he knows one of the first important steps is recognising that the black lives that were lost after Maryborough was established in 1847 mattered.

For years Mr Miller has been fighting for a monument recognising those slain in massacres across the region since settlement.

There are no graves marking the resting place of the indigenous lives lost and much of the city's history has been whitewashed, with historians preferring not to dwell on the killings that took place throughout the region.

Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour said he supported building a monument recognising the massacres and also the resilience of the Butchulla people.

"I think it is a part of our history and the region's story that needs to be told," he said.

"The history books brush over the massacres if they record them at all.

"The perspectives of people who were disenfranchised and pushed to the margins are very poorly told in our history."

Cr Seymour grew up in the United States and said when it came to addressing racism, there was still a long way to go.

"But we have deaths in custody here too," he said.

"It's an issue no society can ignore."

Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price had a different perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement, saying people only cared about black deaths when there was a white perpetrator.

Ms Price lambasted the "ignorance that's being bred through the Left right now" who seemingly ignore that almost "70 per cent of Aboriginal men and women incarcerated are incarcerated for acts of violence against their loves ones".

She told Sky News of the "reality of the circumstances" occurring in remote communities which the weekend's Black Lives Matter protesters "care zero for".

"It's not racism that is killing our people, it is the actions of our own people."