Momma goose makes a morning school drop off


A mother goose clearly wants life to go back to normal after being spotted dropping off her goslings at Oonoonba State School this morning.

The mum and her six little ones walked from a nearby creek and motorists stopped their cars as the young family made its way to the primary school's pick up and drop off area.

Term 2 doesn't even start until next week, and schools will only be open to students of essential workers, but the goslings nevertheless made their way under the front gate and into the school grounds

"This road is normally busy … people in the cars were so amazed watching them cross the road and heading to school," said local resident Nick Attam, who took the cute footage.

"It's the first time we are seeing this from this end. Because of lockdown and no people around nature is taking back its place."

It's not the first time residents have spotted local wildlife in unusual places since the introduction of social distancing, with a freshwater crocodile spotted resting right on top of Aplins Weir on Sunday night.

Across the world, wildlife has been spotted wandering through urban areas, such as wild boar on the streets of Barcelona, and coyotes in San Francisco.

Originally published as Momma goose makes a morning school drop off