Icelandic models spill on infamous night with shamed football stars
Icelandic models spill on infamous night with shamed football stars

Models spill sordid rendezvous details

Icelandic stunner Lara Clausen has lifted the lid on exactly what went on during her infamous night with shamed footballer Phil Foden.

English footballers Mason Greenwood and Foden were sent home from international duty in Iceland after inviting two models to their team hotel in Reykjavik, which breached COVID protocols.

The 19-year-old Clausen and her model cousin met with Three Lions debutants Foden and Mason Greenwood in Radisson Blu Saga Hotel after England's 1-0 win over Iceland.

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After spending the night with the disgraced duo, the girls - who claim not to have known who the footballers were - shot into the public eye after private Instagram posts featuring the England stars were leaked.

Now Lara, who was joined by her cousin Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir, has revealed exactly what went on during her and Foden's night of passion, which led to him and Greenwood being booted out of the squad for breaking coronavirus rules.

Lara said she joked the 167cm Foden is probably shorter than Nadia, before the pair got down to action.

She revealed to the Mail: "I told him Nadia's probably bigger than you. Then he just kissed me. He didn't reply, I didn't think. I just kissed him back. He was a good kisser."


After having sex, they were joined again by Nadia and Greenwood, with the complimentary footballers taking videos of the girls.

Lara continued: "We had a lot of fun. Mason was talking about how good my ass was. I felt okay about it. I was fully dressed. He was telling Phil that. I told them I could hear them, and he said yeah, that's okay.

"Phil said I was hot and beautiful and agreed that I had a good ass. I really think he had a good time with me. He talked nicely about me, telling me how beautiful I was. All sorts of things. Then he hugged me and told Mason I was a keeper."

She also revealed how she and her cousin were rudely awakened by furious England security staff at 6am, three hours after the footballers had returned to their own rooms on the third floor of the hotel.

She added that the guards demanded: "Where are the boys? Where are the boys?

"They turned on the lights and he looked in the bathroom and in the cupboards, looking for the players.

"We felt they didn't treat us with any respect. They thought we were just foreign girls that didn't matter and weren't worth anything."

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The meeting was organised by cousin Nadia, who booked a room on the seventh floor of the hotel after meeting Greenwood on a dating app.

Having initially left after dropping Nadia off, Lara returned after receiving a phone call from her cousin telling her that another person had arrived - Foden.

She then returned to the hotel, not before buying three bags of sweets for them all to share.

Lara continued: "I got to the hotel and it was very quiet.

"It was a nice hotel, I was impressed by it. I booked a room and paid for it. It cost 10,000 Króna (AU$96).

"Phil had told me he would pay me back, but he didn't. I got room 700 on the seventh floor, and Nadia was 702. The boys were on the third floor.

"I put my stuff in my room and went to Nadia's room. The boys were not there at first. Then they came as I was in the bathroom.

"We talked for half an hour in Nadia's room. We told them we knew nothing about football and had no idea who they were. We hadn't watched the game or anything.

"They found it funny. Mason lied about his age. He said that he was 20, but he is only 18. I suppose he was feeling nervous. None of us drank any alcohol. We just had the sweets.

"Then Phil asked to go to my room, just the two of us. I said yes. He put some comedy on the TV, I don't know which show it was.

"He told me he was in the Guinness Book of Records for being the youngest player to get some trophy. I said, 'Yes, that's nice'. He said that he was excited for the future.

"He was just like an average boy. I didn't feel he was anyone famous. We joked around a lot. He didn't tell me about his personal life, definitely not about a kid or a girlfriend."

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With Lara's pictures of Foden having subsequently gone viral, her life has changed dramatically, with mum, dad and the Man City ace himself furious.

She opened up: "I filmed Phil with his pants halfway down, and put it on Instagram just for my closest friends, but one of them recorded it and sent it to the newspapers.

"My mum screamed at me and said I should be ashamed. She was in shock because I ended up in every paper in Iceland. My dad and brother said I had been sleeping with the enemy, as they are Arsenal fans.

"(Foden) was mad. He said, 'Why did you have to do it? Why did you have to take photos?' I tried to explain, but he just said he didn't have time for this. That was the last time we were in contact."

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


Originally published as Models spill sordid rendezvous details

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