PUP representative Glenn Lazarus could win a  Queensland Senate seat.
PUP representative Glenn Lazarus could win a Queensland Senate seat. Nev Madsen

Minor parties likely players in two of six Qld Senate seats

BOTH Labor and the Coalition are almost certain to gain two Queensland Senate seats each, with the flows of preferences from minor parties to determine the outcome of the final two spots on Saturday.

That was the prediction from Australian National University political expert Professor John Wanna on how the Queensland Senate race will play out.

He said he didn't think either Labor or the LNP would get a third Senate seat in Queensland, with the entrance of Palmer's United Party and Katter's Australian Party to be instrumental to the outcome.

Prof Wanna also said the prospect of The Greens getting a second Senate was remote, with it likely the two new Queensland parties to fight it out over the final two spots.

The election of the six senators in Queensland is likely to be one of the most complex tasks for the Australian Electoral Commission this weekend, with 82 candidates nominated for the spots.

Prof Wanna said if Katter's Australian Party was able to get all those who vote for it in the lower house to vote the same way in the Senate, it might put it in the running for a Senate seat.

But more likely was the election of former rugby prop Glenn Lazarus to the Senate for Palmer's United Party, with polls putting the party at a likely 8%.

Prof Wanna said while Labor preferences would flow to KAP, both KAP and PUP had an equal chance at picking up the final seat if the Coalition brought home three of the six seats.