Stirling Hinchliffe MP and Greg Chemello.
Stirling Hinchliffe MP and Greg Chemello. Cordell Richardson

Push to change councillor divisions goes before Hinchliffe

RESIDENTS' views about the make-up of Ipswich City Council will be taken to the State Government by administrator Greg Chemello.

This week, Mr Chemello issued a call for residents to have their say about the future and number of councillor divisions.

A spokesman for Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe confirmed the government would take into account the community's views.

"As is the case in any reference to the Change Commission, the Minister will consider input from the council, in this case, the interim administrator," he said.

"The government is pleased that the administrator is consulting with Ipswich residents on the form of councillor representation to best service the community.

"This input from Ipswich, including what the community says, and the advice he receives from his Department, will assist the Minister in deciding whether to refer any proposed changes to the Change Commission."

A review of the city's boundaries needed to be undertaken.

The population of Ipswich must be spread evenly across 10 councillor divisions, plus or minus 10 per cent.

The QT has previously reported the serious push within the State Government to remove the 10 councillor divisions prior to 2020.

Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller has called on Mr Hinchliffe to abolish the boundaries and make it difficult for former councillors to win.