Miner sacked after testing positive for meth

A MINE worker has failed to win his job back, claiming he was wrongly sacked despite testing positive for methamphetamine in a workplace drug test.

On Christmas Eve the Fair Work Commission backed Anglo American's decision to dismiss Stephen Vaughan from its Drayton South coal mine in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

According to company policy, workers are usually not dismissed for their first fail but disciplined.

The company claimed he was dismissed for lying about the drug use.

Anglo American also owns seven coal mines in Central Queensland.

When he underwent the test on April 5, Mr Vaughan denied any drug use aside from cold and flu tablets. Later he conceded he took "an unknown substance" the weekend before.

Mr Vaughan had a good work record in his more than four years with the company, the Commission said. However, it found the dismissal should stand.