Mindfulness and meditation can be boosted by chanting

WHAT is chanting and what are the benefits to our overall well-being?

Coming away from a recent chanting concert, I returned to my campsite and experienced my best night's sleep on an air mattress.

The chanting washed away my stresses and allowed me to relax into a deep, peaceful slumber.

Chanting is a primordial vibration within our being which clears blockages and places the body into a meditative state.

The mantra "om" evokes universal energy and there is an excellent YouTube video of a father chanting to his baby to help it sleep.

I have personally chanted with my great niece to help her settle to sleep, and it works.

Monks from different religions often chant to bring themselves into mindfulness practice.

The use of singing bowls and other percussive instruments also add to the soothing sounds.

We can learn a lot from these eastern practices and include them in our own lives.

Finding a balance in our hectic routines enables us to pace ourselves and nurture our mind-body connection.

Creating this awareness is vital for our well-being.

Being in tune with the needs of our overall health lowers our risk of diseases and ensures a more fulfilling life. Being open to different health strategies may lead to heightened opportunities with discoveries.

Bundaberg offers an excellent outdoor lifestyle with a community of talented and friendly people. Being involved in community groups and events counteracts boredom and the feeling of being deficient.

If chanting sparks your interest, Google has some excellent references, and the topic can be a conversation starter.

Finding your "tribe" within your region takes little effort, yet sharing common interests is empowering. Finding that stillness within and tuning into a universal rhythm is elevating.

It doesn't hurt to try.