Milne renews call for inquiry into involvement in Iraq

GREENS Leader Christine Milne has used the 10-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War to again call for an inquiry into the reasons Australia followed the United States into the conflict.

"There has never been an Inquiry into how and why the Howard government decided to go to war in Iraq," Senator Milne said.

"Australians deserve to know the truth about the circumstances that led to our involvement, including the government's reliance on the lie of weapons of mass destruction."

Coalition forces were unable to find any weapons of mass destruction, causing many to speculate on the real reasons for the decision to invade.

The United Kingdom and the Netherlands have held inquiries into their involvement in the war.

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser is another who supports the call for an inquiry.

Last year Mr Fraser joined with other eminent Australians, including former Department of Defence secretary Paul Barratt, to launch a campaign calling for an independent inquiry into the decisions that led to Australia joining the invasion of Iraq.

Mr Fraser said at the time Australia's "truly archaic" process for going to war needed to be overhauled.

To that end the Greens have a bill in the Senate, introduced by Scott Ludlam, to make the Parliament responsible for the decision to deploy Australian troops in a conflict, instead of the executive.

"Any decision to put Australian troops in harm's way should be made by the elected representatives of the Australian people after a public debate in Parliament, not by an executive only releasing selective information," Senator Ludlam said.