Parking officer issuing a parking ticket.
Parking officer issuing a parking ticket.

Millions racked up in unpaid fines across Ipswich

IPSWICH residents have racked up more than $3 million in unpaid fines as figures reveal thousands of fine dodgers are refusing to pay up.

Ipswich City Council was one of the top 10 councils in the state with unpaid fines as of 30 June 2019, chasing more than 16,000 unpaid fines worth $3,201,177.

The state’s debt collection agency is chasing down more than half a million unpaid council fines across Queensland, which add up to a staggering $92 million.

This includes more than 420,000 parking fines, $15.3 million for about 80,000 unpaid tolls and more than $4 million for 15,507 outstanding littering fines.

An council spokesman said infringements could be issued to offenders.

“Those receiving infringements from (the) council do have the ability to contact (the) council if they believe they will be able to pay within the time period stipulated on the infringement,” they said.

“Any request would then be assessed individually in relation to a time extension.

“If nothing is done and an infringement that has been issued remains unpaid, (the) council, similar to other local government and state agencies, refers the infringement to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER).”

SPER provides a voluntary instalment plan option for infringements of $200 or more, and an option to apply to pay by instalments where a person cannot afford to pay their whole debt immediately. These options are accessible by contacting SPER directly.”

Parking infringements are issued for a wide range of offences across Ipswich.

The top three parking infringement categories last year were meter parking, loading zone and no stopping zone offences.