Miller's supporters hit out at Queensland Times' reports

Where is the Editor's professionalism, independence and integrity in the publishing of such defamatory, damaging rot?

This is not a legitimate poll. Whether we love or loathe her, Jo-Ann Miller was voted in fairly by the voters of the Bundamba electorate. On winning government the voters have no say in who is selected to become a Minister of the Crown.

This "poll" is nothing more than an advertisement - a one page advertisement dressed as a poll designed to destroy another person's reputation.

Yes, I'm tired of the Pisasale/Miller saga, but I'm very angry at how our local newspaper continues to contribute and influence the general public with biased reporting and polling on the matter.

I find it difficult to believe that APN would give up a whole page of advertising/news for this disgraceful poll. So my next questions are:

1. Who paid for this one page advertisement?

2. What's in it for the Editor to continue this biased, malicious reporting?



This poll gives those who support Jo-Ann Miller the opportunity to voice that support. It seems you have already come to the conclusion that it will show that many no longer back her.

I would politely suggest that you fill out the page and send it in and await the results.

I can assure you if it reveals that Ms Miller is still Bundamba's favourite MP we will report same.


Attack on Miller unfair:

Your attack on Jo-Ann Miller is disgraceful.

Two full pages plus an editorial. Also an unflattering photo of Jo-Ann on the front page.

I don't recall such attention being given to a politician by any paper.

I am not in the Bundamba electorate nor a member of the Labor Party.

I think that Jo-Ann has done a great job as a member for Bundamba. Keep up the good work Jo-Ann.

I do however think that the Queensland Times should find themselves a new editor.

I'm sure that you would fit in well at the Courier Mail.



Political bias at play

I am absolutely disgusted with the Qld Times political bias.

There is no doubt that this paper wants to get rid of our hard working politician, Jo-Ann Miller.

We the people of this electorate decide the person who we want to represent us in Parliament, not some journalist or editor with their own agenda, and we want Jo-Ann.

We have a very hard working representative, who cares for the people, in our area.

We know that she takes her position as Police Minister seriously and works hard in that Ministry. It is not up to the Queensland Times to decide if she should have this or any other Ministry, so let the Premier decide that one.

Also if you feel you must poll the people of Ipswich, let's have the people say which electorate they are in, so we really know what area the people who want her in or out, live.

JOY BUTLER, Bellbird Park 



You will notice the poll asks for the person's suburb.

Also interesting that I am called for political bias against the ALP. At my last paper I was called for bias against the LNP.

I can assure you my only consideration is that the elected representatives of this area work for this area and don't just tow the party line.

I am sure you agree all elected representatives need to be held to account.