Jo-Ann Miller
Jo-Ann Miller Rob Williams

Miller urges minister to reveal councillors' fate

THE Ipswich community wants certainty about whether or not elected representatives will keep their jobs, MP Jo-Ann Miller has declared.

It has been almost six weeks since Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe issued Ipswich City Council with a show-cause notice to consider why they should not be sacked.

The council's response to the notice was lodged with the minister on May 24.

Ms Miller, the Member for Bundamba, said her constituents wanted to know whether or not they had a council.

"People are saying they want the government to make up their mind one way or another," she said.

"It's been several weeks since the council response and they want the minister to make a decision."

The Bundamba MP, who said she had spent 14 years raising allegations of corruption in Ipswich, had not had a call from Mr Hinchliffe.

"I haven't discussed the matter with him because it's his decision and the government's decision," she said.

"He hasn't at this stage asked my views."

The Crime and Corruption Commission's investigation into Ipswich council has resulted in 15 people facing more than 70 charges.

Ms Miller did not pre-empt the outcome of Minister


Hinchliffe's consideration but said he had the power to remove councillors.

"I think with the number of charges, from various people, the minister has to take into account the public's viewpoint and that's why the legislation was changed," she said.

"It was changed so he can act in the public interest."

While Mr Hinchliffe considers the fate of Ipswich councillors, the State Government will focus on selling its first budget of the new term.

Treasurer Jackie Trad will deliver her first budget on Tuesday, which will increase debt to pay for Queensland infrastructure projects.

Sources within the Labor Party believe it is unlikely Mr Hinchliffe will dismiss councillors during budget week.

He has indicated he will make a decision before June 22.