GIFT: Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller with bootees similar to the ones she gave One Nation's Pauline Hanson.
GIFT: Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller with bootees similar to the ones she gave One Nation's Pauline Hanson. Rob Williams

Miller reveals reason for baby boots gift to Pauline Hanson

A SINGLE pair of baby boots gifted to One Nation leader Pauline Hanson by Labor's rogue MP Jo-Ann Miller set the cat among the pigeons.

Some argue the gift, along with Ms Miller's embrace of Ms Hanson, sealed the election for the Government.

Most in the Labor Party claim it was collusion of the highest order.

For the first time, Ms Miller has responded to criticism about the premeditated meeting with the One Nation leader during the dying days of November's state election campaign.

She said the hand-knitted boots from the Stanthorpe Country Women's Association, given to Ms Hanson, was a regular gift handed out.

"I actually buy them and I've given bootees to hundreds and hundreds of people," Ms Miller said.

"My bootees have been on many babies."

The Bundamba MP, who has been isolated from her own colleagues after an outburst in parliament earlier this month, said there was nothing political about the baby boots gift.

"It's not politicking, it's just something that I do," she said.

"This is a personal thing from me to new mothers - you can't buy them."

Ms Miller estimates she has spent several hundred dollars, of her own and electorate money, on the boots since 2000.


ALP member for Bundamba, Jo-Ann Miller (right) is seen talking to former One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts (left) in the suburb of Bundamba in Ipswich during the Queensland Election campaign on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Senator Hanson is campaigning in the electorate of Bundamba currently held by the ALP's Jo-Ann Miller. (AAP Image / Darren England) NO ARCHIVING
ALP member for Bundamba, Jo-Ann Miller talking to former One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts and Pauline Hanson in November. DARREN ENGLAND

In November, the Labor veteran's senior colleagues slammed her close relationship with Ms Hanson - who is viewed as the left's number one enemy.

During the campaign, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was "inconceivable" Labor would have anything to do with One Nation.

Ms Miller said it was a simple gift.

"A lot of people who know me knew I just do that, it's a kind gesture and I continue to do it," she said.

Earlier this week, it was reported the mining division of the CFMEU is considering whether it can forgive Ms Miller for her campaign trail love-in with Ms Hanson.

At the Labor Government's caucus retreat earlier this month, Ms Miller was criticised by her own colleagues after she accused the Government of misconduct in dealing with corruption allegations within the Ipswich City Council.

The maverick Member for Bundamba insists she still has the support of the unions and her party.

"I'm a member of the CFMEU Mining and Energy division, my father was, my grandfather was and my great great grandfather was," she said.

"There's been nothing indicated to me otherwise."

Ms Miller said she "was not backwards in coming forwards" and would not stop voicing her concerns, even if it did create problems for the Government.

"If there's something that needs to be addressed I'll say it whether it's inside the Parliament or out," she said.

"I get lots of hugs and kisses and a lot of people who are very grateful I stood up for what I believed in. I called out the alleged corruption.

"It's taken 14 years for the party and the Government to take any notice but they have now, so good."

She said gifts of hand-knitted bootees, beanies and blankets were in short supply.

"If there are any bootee-makers out there who would like to supply my office with bootees I'd be more than happy to talk with them," she said.