OPINION: Miller can learn from Choat, Berry

JO-ANN Miller should take a leaf out of the book of former LNP MPs Sean Choat and Ian Berry.

The Bundamba MP has refused to speak to the Queensland Times for months, which is her prerogative.

She seems to feel hard done by regarding some of our coverage of her 2015 woes.

Ms Miller's approach is in stark contrast to that of Mr Berry and Mr Choat in the six months before the 2015 election.

They were under siege from the Electrical Trades Union in particular who were relentless in their pursuit of the duo over asset sales.

There were some harsh words said and Mr Choat and Mr Berry may well have felt the QT was out to get them. We weren't of course.

But Mr Berry and Mr Choat were always available to comment, rolled their sleeves up and explained to our readers their positions.

Ms Miller also gave it to Mr Choat and Mr Berry with harsh words of criticism, both personally and on policy.

But now the shoe is on the other foot Ms Miller has gone into hiding and seems to hold a grudge and blame everyone else but herself for losing her ministry.

Last week the QT offered to draw a line in the sand and start 2016 afresh.

She declined.

Ms Miller could have elected to tell readers why she is determined to soldier on, if that is the case, and we would have given her a full page to do so.

It is hard to fathom such a naive approach from such a battle hardened political warrior.