Michael Douglas.
Michael Douglas.

Michael Douglas would go under the scalpel

MICHAEL Douglas would consider having cosmetic surgery.

The 68-year-old star - who battled tongue cancer in 2010 - insists he wouldn't think twice about going under the knife and would do "whatever works" to improve his look.

Asked if he would have cosmetic surgery, he said: "I'd contemplate it in a minute, are you kidding? Are you talking about real life? I'd contemplate it in a minute. Why not? Whatever works."

As well as contemplating changes to his body, Michael had to add new strings to his bow to portray late homosexual pianist Liberace in his latest movie, 'Behind the Candelabra', and he enjoyed playing a different sort of character to the usual "contemporary guys" he portrays.

When asked if he had to add new skills to his acting repertoire for the film, he added: "Yeah, sure. Piano, flamboyant stage performer. There was a certain style that the piece required which I hadn't done before.

"This was a character piece and all my career I've played contemporary guys with an angst of one sort or another. There was a theatricality that was a joy."