Men armed with gel blasters spark fear on island

TWO men armed with toy guns frightened unassuming swimmers on Magnetic Island.

Police are now investigating the incident which occurred at Mandalay Ave on Magnetic Island's Nelly Bay on Saturday.

About 5.45pm police were alerted to two men armed with a rifle and a pistol were in a pool area.

A witness reported one of the men pointed the pistol at a group of people in the pool.

When police arrived they seized two gel blasters and took a man into custody.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Barry Frugeal of Tactical Gel Blasters recently told the Townsville Bulletin using a gel blaster to cause fear in public could result in several years behind bars.

"If you shoot anybody that doesn't want to be shot at or you point it and intimidate with them … you face three to seven years (imprisonment)," Mr Frugeal said.

"If you're carrying an unconcealed gel blaster in public two years (jail)."

Mr Frugeal said people should treat gel blasters like a real firearm, even though they are classified as a toy in Queensland.