Outgoing First Lady Melania Trump, decked out in designer wear, stepped up to the podium after being ushered by husband Donald during his final farewell speech.

She made a memorable exit in a Chanel jacket, black sunglasses while holding a $60,000 black crocodile Hermes Birkin bag.

Holding Donald's hand as they exited the White House, the pair arrived at Joint Base Andrews to a military salute and cheers from supporters.

Ivanka Trump and other members of the inside circle were spotted in the front row, Ivanka crying.

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Melania wore a black Chanel jacket for the occasion. Picture: Sipa USA/AAP
Melania wore a black Chanel jacket for the occasion. Picture: Sipa USA/AAP


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"Thank you very much and we love you," said Mr Trump, thanking his family, staff "and so many other people".

"People have no idea how hard this family worked, and they worked for you," said Mr Trump in his opening remarks.

"It's been something very special, we've accomplished a lot," he said, adding that Mrs Trump was a woman of "great dignity" and "so popular with the people".

"Honey, would you like to say a few words?" Mr Trump asked.



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Taking her black glasses off to speak to the crowd, Mrs Trump said being First Lady was "the greatest honour".

"Thank you for your love and your support," she said.

"You will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. God bless your families. And God bless this beautiful nation. Thank you."



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Members of the Trump family have largely ignored the criticism hurled at them on social media during their final day in their roles within the administration and inner circle of the White House.


Mrs Trump was copping heat online. According to CNN, Mrs Trump had an assistant write her thankyou notes to White House staff, "who have cared for her and her family for the last four years", the publication wrote.

"The 80 or so staff who received the type written notes were under the assumption the first lady had written them herself.

"Instead, Trump tasked a lower-level East Wing staffer with writing them 'in her voice,' and she signed her name.

And earlier, she scored the worst popularity rating for any first lady at the end of her first term in a CNN poll.

Melania spent her final hours in the White House with the outgoing president and "only a few aides", PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor said, citing sources.

"Mostly, there are empty offices."




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